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Yuanyuan Mao

Yuanyuan Mao Postdoc

Room: B-105



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Otfried Gühne, Yuanyuan Mao, Xiao-Dong Yu
Geometry of faithful entanglement

A typical concept to characterize entanglement is based on the idea that states in the vicinity of some pure entangled state share the same properties; implying that states with a high fidelity must be entangled. States whose entanglement can be detected in this way are also called faithful. We prove a structural result on the corresponding fidelity-based entanglement witnesses, resulting in a simple condition for faithfulness of a two-party state. For the simplest case of two qubits faithfulness can directly be decided and for higher dimensions accurate analytical criteria can be given. Finally, our results show that faithful entanglement is, in a certain sense, useful entanglement; moreover, they simplify several results in entanglement theory.

Yuanyuan Mao, Cornelia Spee, Zhen-Peng Xu, Otfried Gühne
Structure of dimension-bounded temporal correlations

We analyze the structure of the space of temporal correlations generated by quantum systems. We show that the temporal correlation space under dimension constraints can be nonconvex, and derive nonlinear inequalities to witness the nonconvexity for qubits and qutrits in the simplest scenario. For the general case, we provide the necessary and sufficient dimension of a quantum system needed to generate a convex correlation space for a given scenario. We further prove that this dimension coincides with the dimension necessary to generate any point in the temporal correlation polytope. Finally, we present an algorithm which can help to find the minimum for a certain type of nonlinear expressions under dimension constraints.


Hongting Song, Yu Pan,Yuanyuan Mao
Decoherence factor in quantum phase transition
Quantum Inf. Process. 18, 92 (2019)

Yuanyuan Mao, Hongting Song
Quantumness of ensembles via coherence
Physics Letters A" 383, 2698 (2019)

Nan Li, Shunlong Luo and Yuanyuan Mao
Quantumness-generating capability of quantum dynamics
Quantum Inf. Process. 17, 74 (2018)

Hongting Song and Yuanyuan Mao
Dynamics of Rényi entropy and applications in detecting quantum non-Markovianity
Phys. Rev. A 96, 032115 (2017)

Yuan Sun, Yuanyuan Mao and Shunlong Luo
From quantum coherence to quantum correlations
EPL 118, 6007 (2017)

Nan Li, Shunlong Luo and Yuanyuan Mao
Quantifying the quantumness of ensembles
Phys. Rev. A 96, 022132 (2017)

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