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Julia Boeyens

Julia Boeyens PhD student

Room: B-003



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Julia Boeyens and Izak Snyman
Zero-energy quasiparticles in an interacting nanowire containing a topological Josephson junction
Phys. Rev. B 102, 024513 (2020), arXiv:2003.03276

We study a Josephson junction in a Kitaev chain with particle-hole symmetric nearest neighbor interactions. When the phase difference across the junction is π, we show analytically that the full spectrum is fourfold degenerate up to corrections that vanish exponentially in the system size. The Majorana bound states at the ends of the chain are known to survive interactions. Our result proves that the same is true for the zero-energy quasiparticle localized at the junction. We further study finite size corrections numerically, and show how repulsive interactions lead to stronger end-to-end correlations than in a noninteracting system with the same bulk gap.

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