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FQXi Lecture Series on Quantum Foundations

The lecture series on quantum foundations aims at bringing together physics students  and researchers from different fields with leading experts on foundational problems in quantum mechanics. Here, also controversial ideas can be discussed in an informal manner and different interpretations can be explained. The lecture series was initiated by a project of the Foundational Questions Institute.

Previous Speakers:

  • Howard Wiseman (Brisbane): Bell's Theorem(s) and Causation (June 2018) - Slides
  • Cord Friebe (Siegen): Why we need philosophy of (quantum) physics (May 2018) - Slides
  • Jose-Ignacio Latorre (Barcelona): That's the story - Roy Glauber and the Manhattan Project (April 2018) - Flyer
  • Miguel Navascués (IQOQI Vienna): Resetting uncontrolled quantum systems (March 2018) - Slides
  • Lev Vaidman (Tel Aviv): From quantum miracles to many worlds (March 2018) - Slides (pdfpptx)
  • Volkher Scholz (Gent): Heisenberg uncertainty relations: an operational approach (April 2017)
  • Karol Zyczkowski (Krakow): Quantum entanglement and its geometry (October 2016)
  • Rüdiger Schack (London): QBism (November 2015) - Slides
  • Tobias Fritz (Leipzig): Resource theories in general and in information theory (November 2015)
  • Paul Busch (York): Quantum Measurement Uncertainty - New Relations for Qubits (July 2015)  Slides
  • Detlef Dürr (München): What is and to which end does one study Bohmian Mechanics? (June 2015) Slides
  • Dominik Janzing (Tübingen): A common principle behind thermodynamics and causal inference (April 2015) Slides
  • Časlav Brukner (Vienna): Quantum Clocks and Quantum Causality (April 2015)  Slides



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