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Workshop Quantum Simulation and Control


Participants (click to enlarge)

Among the topics of the workshop were:

  • the creation and characterization of large entangled systems,
  • characterisation of quantum phase transitions,
  • transport of quantum information using spin systems,
  • implementation of quantum simulations,
  • control of quantum dynamics in different types of spin many-body systems,
  • control of decoherence,
  • implementation of robust and optimized quantum gates.

These and other topics were discussed from both a theoretical and experimental perspective with particular attention to the experimental systems that are investigated as part of the EU Integrated Project Qubit Applications [link]:

This workshop was meant as an informal meeting with a relatively small number of presentations, thus giving ample opportunity for exchange of ideas and in-depth discussions between the participants.




Chris Dawson (Imperial College London)
An optimal control approach to the classical simulation of quantum many-body systems [Slides]
Steffen Glaser (TU Munich)
GRAPE, Robust Control and Quantum Gate Design Metric [Slides]
Michael Hartmann (Imperial College London)
Quantum Phase Transitions: Realization and Detection [Slides]
Fedor Jelezko (Stuttgart University)
Quantum Gates with NV Centres [Slides]
Quantum phase transitions with NV diamonds [Slides]
Strefan Kröll (Lund University)
Quantum gates in rare-earth-ion doped crystals [Slides]
Alexander Retzker (Imperial College London)
Cooling Using Stark Shift Gate [Slides]
Thomas Schulte-Herbrüggen (TU Munich)
Quantum Compilation by Optimal Control: Results and Prospects for SP4 [Slides]
Jason Twamley (Macquarie University Sydney)
Global Quantum Computation: Error Correction and Fault Tolerance [Slides]
Christof Wunderlich (Siegen University)
Error Resistant Quantum Gates with Trapped Ions [Slides]
Quantum phase transitions with NV diamonds [Slides]
Mario Ziman (RCQI Bratislava)
Quantum process tomography from incomplete data [Slides]