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Completed PhD Theses

Here is a list of PhD thesis completed in the recent past at the Group of Solid State Physics

NameTopic Year of Completion
 Zahra Molla

 Structure analysis of organic molecule XNRD22L01 thin films


 Hyeokmin Choe

Dynamics of strain and domains in single crystal and ceramics Ferroelectrics under alternating electric field using stroboscopic time-resolved, X-ray diffraction

 Arman Davtyan

Distribution of the phase domains in semiconductor nanowires


 Eduard Mikaelyan Interplay between structure and electrical performance of hexyl-substituted oligothiophene systems 2017
Julia Schmidt

A study of the charge collection, storage, and processing in pixelated semiconductor detectors


Anne Karthrin Hüsecken

Untersuchung der Auswirkung von sehr hohen Lastspielzahlen auf einen austenitisch-ferritischen Duplexstrahl mittels in-situ Röntgendiffraktion an der Strahllinie BL10 der Synchrotronstrahlquelle DELTA


Philipp Schroth

Growth of self-catalyzed GaAs nanowires using molecular-beam-epitaxy and structural characterization by in-situ X-ray diffraction


Genziana Bussone-Grifone Structure and electrical response of GaAs nanowires 2015
Ali Abboud

Polychromatic X-ray Diffraction using a pnCCD: Applications for Material Science


Dieter Michael Schlosser

Response of high-resolution silicon photodetectors coupled to CsI(Tl) or LaBr3(Ce)


Behnam Khanbabaee

Depth-resolved investigation of ion beam induced pattern formation on silicon using x-ray methods


Anton Davydok

X-ray diffraction analysis of InAs Nanowires


Sebastian Send

Utilization of a frame-store pnCCD for energy-dispersive Laue diffraction with white synchrotron radiation


Anowarul Habib

Ultrasonic Characterization of Defect Detection in Piezoelectric Materials


Andreas Biermanns X-ray diffraction from single GaAs nanowires 2012