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Seminar Schedule in Winter Semester 2017/18

* The group's seminars are held at 14:00 to 15:30 in room B019.

* Note: Each talk is limited to 20 minutes

Date Speaker Title
(Tuesday) 17.10.2017

Mohammad Hassan Sultani

Alexej Schewtschuk

Master Report

Messung an Thermoelementen und an thermoelektrischen Generatoren

(Tuesday) 24.10.2017

Ranbir Kaur

Ali Asghar

Raman scattering at GaAs NWs

pnCCD data of Copper

(Thursday) 02.11.2017

Sayed Reza

Thaer Aloabala

Cu bicrystal measurement by pnCCD

Ni measured by pnCCD

(Thursday) 09.11.2017

Mahdi Jalilvand

Zafar and Ishaq

CDI at core-shell NWs

Introduction to master project

(Tuesday) 14.11.2017

Tonn Reuter

Amir Tasson

(X-FEL) pnCCD for XFEL experiments

Grain analysis from polycrystalline samples using pnCCD

(Tuesday) 21.11.2017

Mashood Mir

Muhammad Javed

SANS experiments of polymer coated porous systems

SAXS experiment investigating microwave grown nanoparticles

(Thursday) 30.11.2017

Jan Verwohlt

Hendrik Rahmann

Low radiation dose XPCS investigation of the glass transiton in ionic liquids

Dynamics of proteins - first succesfull XPCS experiments at Petra

(Tuesday) 05.12.2017

Danial Bahrami

Ali AlHassan

Electrical measurement at core-shell NWs

Strain relaxation in GaAs/InGaAs core shell Nanowires

(Tuesday) 19.12.2017

Dmitri Ksenzov

Jan Verwohlt

x-ray reflectivity at FLASH

slow motion in ionic liquids with X-ray speckles

(Thursday) 21.12.2017

Charlotte Rimbach

Juliane Schuppich

Crystallization in Luminescent Borate Glasses for Enhanced Light Yield

Luminescent Microoptics for LED Applications (Soest)

(Tuesday) 09.01.2018

Zahra Molla

Mona Erfani

PhD Project final report

Investigation of pore filling in porous materials

(Thursday) 11.01.2018

Souren Grigorian

Ala Algashi

Investigations of p-conjugated polymers on the flexible substrates

PhD Report

(Tuesday) 16.01.2018

Lisa Randolph

Dmitry Ksenzov

X-ray speckle visibility spectroscopy with a PN-CCD

Ultrafast spin currents at FERMI - update

(Tuesday) 23.01.2018

Mohammad Shokr

Ali Abboud

Structure analysis of LaAlSrO3 cyrstal by white hard X-rays

Microbeam X-ray Laue diffraction analysis from strained polycrystalline Ni samples

(Tuesday) 30.01.2018

Anjum Taseer

Seyed Mohammad Kashani

elastic properties of NWs

in-situ growth experiments of GaAs NWs

(Tuesday) 06.02.2018

Arman Davtyan

Özgül Kurtulus

CDI experiments at core-shell NWs


(Tuesday) 13.02.2018

Matthias Kampmann

Colloidal crystallography with angular correlations

(Tuesday) 21.02.2018

Mohammad Al Humadi

Philipp Schroth

in-situ MBE

in-situ MBE