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Seminar Plan of Summer Semester 2017

Date Speaker Title
(Thursday) 20.04.2017

Prof. Dr. Ullrich Pietsch

Torsten Mayweg

Safety instruction, Seminar plan

TEM analysis of Cr2O3 and GaAs NWs

(Thursday) 27.04.2017

Soraya Karimzadah

Saher Abusulaiman

Mohammad Sultani

Master Talk

Master Talk

Introduction to Master Project

(Tuesday) 02.05.2017

Alaa Algashi

Nadja Wiesner

Lisa Randolph

pnCCD phase analysis of GaInAs/GaAs core shell NWs

Analysis of pnCCD data taken at ANKA

Correlation spectroscopy with pnCCD data

(Thursday) 11.05.2017

Danial Barahmi

Ali AlHassan

Results of P08 experiment

In-plane measurements of single GaAs/InGaAs core shell Nanowires

(Tuesday) 16.05.2017

Thaer Aboabala

Ali Asghar

Analysis of Cu sample by pnCCD

Analysis of Ni data by pnCCD

(Friday) 26.05.2017

Dr. Semen Gorfman

Min Choe

News from the world of Ferroelectrics

Enhanced electromechanical activity in ferroelectric

(Thursday) 08.06.2017

Dr. Souren Grigorian

Dr. Dmitri Ksenzov

Nano-GIXD on working OFETs

New FERMI data

(Thursday) 22.06.2017

Chalotte Rimbach

Juliane Stupperich

Rare-earth double- and triple-doped glasses for LED applications

Lock-in Infrared Thermography on Metals and Glasses (Soest)

(Thursday) 29.06.2017

Arman Davtyan

Mahdi Jalilvand

Therry Ngounou

Speckle analysis at core-shell NWs

Speckle analysis of NWs

Speckle data

(Thursday) 06.07.2017

Mohamad Shokr

Amir Tasson

Structure of SrLaAlO4 (001) solved with pnCCD+CsI(Tl) scintillator

Grain analysis from polycrystalline samples using pnCCD

(Thursday) 13.07.2017

Seyed Mohammad Kashani

Tassaer Anjum

Ranbir Kaur

In-situ regrowth studies at GaAs NWs using pMBE

Elastic bending of single NWs

Raman scattering from NWs

(Thursday) 20.07.2017

Dr. Ali Abboud

Dr. Özgül Kurtulus

Mona Erfani

Nanofocus diffraction from polycrystals using pnCCD

Thin colloid films onto graphene

Polymer penetration in porous Alumnia

(Thursday) 27.07.2017

Zahra Molla

Mashood Tariq Mir

Muhammad Javed

Structure analysis of PDI1MPCN2 thin films

Neutron scattering at nanoporous Alumnia

Light scattering from nanoparticles


* Group seminars are held every Thursday at 13:00 in ENC B-019.