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Welcome to the X-ray science group web page

We are an interdisciplinary research group performing coherent X-ray scattering experiments. The group is also located in the Center of Molecular Water Science (CMWS) at DESY Hamburg, at the European XFEL, at the ESRF in Grenoble and at DELTA, TU Dortmund.

We are interested in dynamic processes in condensed matter systems and investigate these processes with the help of X-ray scattering methods. Making use of large scale X-ray research facilities such as DESY, European XFEL, FERMI (Trieste), ESRF (Grenoble), SACLA (Japan) and LCLS (Stanford) we adress the following research topcis: 

  • slow dynamics in protein condensates
  • ultrafast dynamics in magnetic materials with complex chiral spin structures 
  • ultrafast dynamics of high intensity laser excited solids
  • big data analytics in X-ray science   


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