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FQXi Workshop

Quantum Sequential Measurements and Complexity

University of Siegen


Scientific aims:

In quantum information processing, sequential measurements have recently attracted increasing

attention, due to their importance for quantum contextuality and measurement-based quantum

computation, but also due to their experimental feasibility. On the other hand, the analysis of time

series is a central problem in complexity theory, where many tools are available. This workshop should

bring together researchers from different fields with the aim to understand better the structure of

quantum sequential measurements, their correlations and complexity. The workshop will be informal

with around 25 participants so that enough time for collaborations and discussions is guaranteed.

Topics include the characterization of sequential quantum correlations, hidden Markov models,

\epsilon-machines, time-series analysis, and quantum contextuality.

Time and Place:

Siegen, 22.9. 2014 -26.9.2014


Arrival on Sunday, talks will be scheduled from Monday morning until Wednesday noon, Thursday is

left for discussions, Friday departure

Invited speakers & participants:

Dan Browne (London, UK)

Jim Crutchfield (UC Davis, USA)

Mile Gu (Singapore)

Karoline Wiesner (Bristol, UK)

Pawel Blasiak (Cracow, Poland)

Clive Emary (Hull, UK)

Tobias Galla (Manchester, UK)

Teiko Heinosaari (Turku, Finland)

Alex Monras (Barcelona, Spain)

Adan Cabello (Seville, Spain)

Jan-Ake Larsson (Linköping, Sweden)

Otfried Gühne (Siegen, Germany)

Costantino Budroni (Siegen)

Roope Uola (Siegen)

Felix Huber (Siegen)

Sabine Wölk (Siegen)

Frank Steinhoff (Siegen)

Sanah Altenburg (Siegen)

Marius Parashiv (Siegen)

Further students from Linköping, Seville, and Siegen


Adan Cabello

Otfried Gühne

Jan-Ake Larsson

Daniela Lehmann

Roope Uola