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School on the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics


on the

Foundations of Quantum Mechanics



COVID-19 Update

10 May, 2021. The school is further postponed, but we hope that it can take place in 2021.


The foundations of quantum theory are nowadays a vivid research field, in particular because of the pioneering role it plays for other fields such as quantum information science. The aim of this school is to give students and young researchers access to methods and topics important for future research in quantum foundations. This covers the experimental basis of quantum mechanics, the mathematical foundations of quantum theory, quantum correlations, decoherence, quantum measurements, as well as time and gravity.

The school is open for MSc students, PhD students, and other researchers which are new to the field of quantum foundations. The number of participants is limited, please see below for the application procedure. Participants will have the opportunity to present their current research in a poster session and selected participants will be invited to give a talk.


  • Date: 2021.
  • Venue: Conference Center, Am Obergraben 25, University of Siegen (Germany). Map



  • Markus Aspelmeyer (Vienna)
  • Adán Cabello (Seville)
    Quantum correlations: Bell non-locality and Kochen-Specker contextuality
  • Stefan Nimmrichter (Siegen)
    Open quantum systems and decoherence
  • Mario Ziman (Bratislava)
    Operational introduction to quantum theory
  • Magdalena Zych (Queensland)
    Quantum foundations: the quantum-gravity perspective

Evening talk

  • Paul Hoyningen-Huene (Hanover)
    Physics & Philosophy

Schedule (tentative)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9–11 Cabello Ziman Aspelmeyer Zych contributed talks
11–13 Ziman Cabello Nimmrichter Aspelmeyer Zych
  lunch break
14–16 Cabello (exercises) poster session Aspelmeyer (exercises) Nimmrichter  
16–18 Ziman (exercises) excursion Nimmrichter (exercises) Zych (exercises)
    evening talk  


Please send an email to quantum-foundations-2020@physik.uni-siegen.de with subject “Application of Your Name” providing the following information:

  • Name
  • Institution
  • Status (master student/PhD student/postdoc)
  • Supervisor
  • Research topics/interests
  • Publications (if any)
  • Poster title & Abstract


There is no official lodging for the school. Special offers will be announced.


Matthias Kleinmann, Otfried Gühne


Email: quantum-foundations-2020@physik.uni-siegen.de