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Two-dimensional cluster-state preparation with linear ion traps

References: [QIS24]

We present schemes to prepare two-dimensional cluster states [H. J. Briegel and R. Raussendorf, Phys. Rev. Lett. 86, 910 (2001)] with atomic ions confined in a micro-structured linear ion trap and coupled by an engineered spin-spin interaction.
In particular, we show how to prepare a n×2 cluster state by creating a linear cluster state and adding third-neighbor entanglement using selective recoupling techniques.
The scheme is based on the capabilities provided by segmented linear Paul traps to confine ions in local potential wells and to separate and transport ions between these wells. Furthermore, we consider creating 3 and 4-qubit cluster states by engineering the coupling matrix such that through the periodicity of the time evolution unwanted couplings are canceled.
All entangling operations are achieved by switching of voltages and currents, and do not require interaction with laser light.