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Development of a pan-European Microtrap Technology capability for Trapped Ion Quantum Information Science

MICROTRAP is a project aimed at developing an EU technology capability in trapped ion micro-structures for application to quantum information science. Much of the recent experimental advances in Quantum information science have been demonstrated in trapped ion systems, and there is significant interest in developing micro-structure trapped ion system architectures which facilitate scalibility whilst maintaining long coherence times.
The consortium of 6 leading trapped ion groups from 4 EU member states aims to take advantage from European micro-machining and microfabrication facilities in order to design, develop and test a range of micro-trap architectures. The project covers a set of goals including microtrap materials and fabrication, preparation, trap and array design, multiplexing for scalability, and detection and read-out of quantum bits. All of these need to be addressed within a comprehensive framework in order that significant steps towards integration with micro-electronics materials, fabrication processes and platforms can be achieved.
The project research targets trapped ion technology concepts which are significantly beyond the current state of the art, and will provide a substantial foundational basis for EU trapped ion quantum information science to make rapid progress


National Physical Laboratory, UK
University of Aarhus, Denmark
Universität Innsbruck, Austria
University of Oxford, UK
Universität Siegen, Germany
Universität Ulm, Germany
TU München, Prof. Glaser, Germany