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European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST): Ion traps for tomorrows applications (IOTA)

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Light, and in particular laser light, allows the state preparation, cooling and manipulation of the stored ions, as well as measurements of metrological interest. Novel experimental protocols can be theoretically developed and validated in a wide variety of experiments.

Working Group 3 “Interactions of ions with electro-magnetic radiation” will focus on the task of proposing novel interrogation protocols. The state preparation, entanglement, cooling, probing and detection of trapped ions are all achieved using electromagnetic radiation over a wide frequency span up to the deep ultraviolet. Theoretical and experimental insight into this fundamental tool forms a sound basis for the emergence of novel approaches and protocols. Answering these questions requires a permanent dialogue between theory, simulation and experiment to propose original and innovating solutions. Milestones of this WG concern the development of a common numerical code to simulate ion response as a function of electro-magnetic interrogation, its application to different ions with various energy level schemes, as well as the study of dynamics and thermodynamic effects (i.e. cooling and crystallisation).

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