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Resonance-enhanced isotope-selective photoionization of YbI for ion trap loading

References: [QIS28]

Neutral ytterbium (YbI) and singly ionized ytterbium (YbII) are widely used in experiments in quantum optics, metrology, and quantum information science. We report on the investigation of isotope-selective two-photonionization of YbI that allows for efficient loading of ion traps with YbII. Results are presented on two-color (399 nm and 369 nm) and single-color (399 nm) photoionization and their efficiency is compared to electron impact ionization. Nearly deterministic loading of a desired number of YbII ions into a linear Paul trap is demonstrated. First results have been presented in the context of quantum information (Balzer et al. in Phys. Rev. A 73:041407(R), 2006), and the present paper is intended to give a detailed description and understanding of the photoionization and ion trap loading processes. Furthermore, we provide useful technical details of the production and characterization of suitable atomic ovens.