Katalog der UB Siegen



A study of the influence of low intensities and different correlation schemes on the outcome of dynamic light scattering experiments  
Mario Reiser, Juni 2014
Studie zur Messung und Analyse kohärenter Strahlung mittels Photonenstatistik von Specklebildern  
Sebastian Warsow, Juni 2014  
Einzelphotonendetektion mit einer CCD Kamera
Magnus Reifenrath, September 2015  
Atomic Dynamics and aging in rapidly quenched metallic glasses
Julian Utsch, in Kollaboration mit ESRF, Grenoble, September 2015  
Single X-ray photon counting with a PN-CCD
Frederic Schon, running


X-ray reflectivity of magnetic multilayer structures
Billal Pervaz, June 2016
Structure and dynamics of thermoresponsive polymer particles
Sarmad Kausar, running  
An XPCS study of driven domain dynamics of ferroelectric single crystals under external fields  
Mario Reiser, Oktober 2016
Dynamic light scattering using an APD Detector
Mohammad Akhundzadeh, running
X-ray speckle visibility spectroscopy of slow atomic dynamics
Lisa Randolph, running
SANS and SAXS studies of nanoporous systems
Mashood Tariq Mir, running