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Theses (after 01/2018)


Area Date Name Name of Thesis
Theory 09/2022 Kevin Brune Automation of Jet function Calculations in Soft- Collinear Effective Theory
Theory 10/2021 Maria Laura Piscopo Higher-order Corrections to the Lifetime of Heavy Hadrons
Experiment 06/2021 John Kamal Rizk Meshreki Differential cross-section measurements of the associated production of top quark with a photon at 13 TeV with the ATLAS detector
Experiment 12/2020 Philip Rühl Probing the Sources of Gravitational Waves
Experiment 06/2020 Reimund Bayerlein Coincident Detection of Cherenkov Photons for Medical Applications
Experiment 11/2019 Sara Ghasemi Cross-Section Measurement of t-tbar-gamma Production in pp Collisions at Sqrt[s]=8 and 13 TeV with the ATLAS Experiment
Theory 06/2019 Simon Braß Parallel Adaptive Monte Carlo Integration and Vector-Boson Scattering at the Large Hadron Collider
Theory 01/2019 Zhijie Zhao Multi-Higgs Production at Future Hadron Colliders
Experiment 10/2018 Philipp Heimann A test for the existence of protons in ultra-high energy cosmic rays
Theory 08/2018 Philipp Böer QCD Factorisation in Exclusive Semileptonic B Decays: New Applications and Resummation of Rapidity Logarithms
Experiment 07/2018 Amir Noori Shirazi Track reconstruction for InGrid Chips for a Time Projection Chamber
Theory 04/2018 Bastian Müller Seltene semileptonische Zerfälle schwerer Mesonen im QCD-Faktorisierungsansatz
Theory 03/2018 Aleksey Rusov Hadronic effects and observables in semileptonic B-meson decays
Theory 02/2018 Rebecca Klein Applications of heavy quark methods
Theory 01/2018 Farnoush Shahriaran Semitauonic B decay


Area Date Name Name of Thesis
Theory 01/2023 Christian Schneider Gradient-flow scale setting with tree-level improvement
Theory 01/2023 Daniel Busch Classifying the Flavour Sector in Extensions of the Standard Model via Froggatt-Nielsen Charges
Theory 11/2022 Jakob Müller Schranken an Physik jenseits des Standardmodells durch Lebensdauern von B Mesonen
Experiment 11/2021 Vakhtang Ananiashvili Improving the tttt event selection with Graph Neural Networks in multilepton final states at the ATLAS detector
Theory 09/2022 Sebastian Edelmann Next-to-Next-to-Leading Order Real-Virtual Corrections to Soft Functions with Massive Partons
Theory 07/2021 Sven Münker Automated Calculation of Soft Functions for Massive Partons at Next-to-Leading Order
Theory 02/2021 Gustavo Adolfo Lara-Sánchez Impact of TeV Scalar Leptoquarks on Flavor-violating Higgs Decays: An effective Field Theory approach
Experiment 12/2020 Tim-Philip Hücking Pseudo Experiment Based Studies with RooFit of Fits to Events Weighted by the SPlot Technique for Application in the ATLAS B-Physics Data Analysis
Experiment 11/2020 Niklas Schwan Improving Four-Top-Quark Event Classification with Deep Learning Techniques using ATLAS Simulation
Experiment 10/2020 Anna Bobrikova Predicting the UHE photon flux from GZK-interactions of hadronic cosmic rays using CRPropa 3
Experiment 08/2020 Jan Joachim Hahn Measurement of X-ray photons using an INGRID chip
Experiment 06/2020 Agha Mohammad Raza Determination of Background from Misreconstructed Electrons in t-tbar-gamma Single Lepton Channel at the Sqrt[s]=13 TeV with 139 fb^-1 of ATLAS Data
Theory 10/2019 Tobias Striegl Effektive Theorien für Erweiterungen des Higgs-Sektors
Theory 10/2019 Nils Kreher Top-Quark in Vector-Boson Scattering
Experiment 09/2019 Subrahmanya Siddardha Chelluri A study of the sPlot technique for application in the ATLAS B-Physics data analysis
Experiment 07/2019 Fabian Dünkel Studies of Lorentz Violation using Air Shower Data
Theory 01/2019 Markus Suta Symmetries in (Non-)Relativistic Quantum Mechanics
Theory 12/2018 Kevin Marc Brune NLO calculation of jet and beam functions in Soft-Collinear Effective Theory
Experiment 11/2018 Simon Franz Eickhoff Search for primary photons in the energy range from 10^17 eV to 10^18 eV at the Pierre Auger Observatory
Theory 07/2018 Helena Henkel One-Loop Effective Action in Heavy-Quark Effective Theory
Experiment 06/2018 Nomin-Erdene Erdenebat Measurement of the t-tbar-gamma-gamma production cross-section in pp collisions at a center-of-mass-energy Sqrt[s]=13 TeV with the ATLAS detector at the LHC
Theory 04/2018 Manuel Utsch Parametrisierung des Phasenraums im Monte-Carlo-Ereignisgenerator WHIZARD


Area Date Name Name of Thesis
Experiment 01/2023 Noah Siegemund Zeitsynchronisation im Nanosekundenbereich mit GNSS-Antennen zur Anwendung in autonomen Astroteilchenphysik-Detektoren
Experiment 11/2022 Nils Benedikt Krengel Automatisierung und Integration von Qualitätskontrollen in die ATLAS ITk-Pixelmodul-Testsysteme – VI-Scan und Source Scan
Experiment 11/2022 Daniel Berker Messung von Cherenkov-Photonen
Experiment 10/2022 David Fritz Untersuchung von mono- und multivariaten Methoden zur Signaloptimierung am Beispiel des Zerfalls B± → J/ψK± im ATLAS-Detektor
Theory 09/2022 Daniel Vladimirov The Kerr geometry
Theory 08/2022 Linus Henke O(a) Improvement Operators for the Relativistic Heavy Quark Action in Hadrons
Experiment 03/2022 Nico Spornhauer Einfluss von Lorentzinvarianzverletzung auf Luftschauerobservablen
Theory 01/2022 Marcel Boeskens Neutrale Meson-Mischung und CP-Verletzung
Experiment 2022 Tim Alhäuser Energiezuordnung Photon-induzierter Luftschauer
Experiment 07/2021 Tim Lukas Fehler Observablenstudie für die richtungsabhängige Suche nach ultrahochenergetischen Photonen am Pierre-Auger-Observatorium
Theory 03/2021 Yan Paul Heinen Gitter-Monte-Carlo-Simulation des Pfadintegrals in der Quantenmechanik
Experiment 11/2020 Nico Malinowski Studien zur Realisierung der Feinstleiterplatine für das zukünftige ATLAS-Pixeldetektormodul
Theory 09/2020 Anastasia Boushmelev Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking and the Higgs Mechanism
Theory 09/2020 Dennis Heinemann Pfadintegrale und deren Anwendungen in der Physik
Theory 08/2020 Stefan Plett Untersuchung einer effektiven Higgs-Theorie auf Anomalien
Experiment 08/2020 Nils Schneider Systematische Studien zur Photonsuche am Pierre-Auger-Observatorium
Theory 04/2020 Jakob Müller Poincaré Coherent States in Particle Physcics
Theory 04/2020 Joel Ströhmann Machine Learning Methods in Phase-Space Sampling
Experiment 03/2020 Daniel Tizian Steiniger Analyse einer neuen Luftschauerobservablen zur Identifikation primärer Photonen in der kosmischen Strahlung
Theory 03/2020 Chiara Papior Baryon Number Violating B Decays
Theory 02/2020 Christian Schneider Metastabile Zustände im Wasserstoffatom
Theory 01/2020 Marvin Arnold Quantenfeldtheorie bei endlichen Temperaturen
Theory 09/2019 Tim Stötzel Machine learning of Monte Carlo integration in particle physics
Theory 08/2019 Joschka Winkel Effective field theory of the Higgs sector represented by quaternions
Experiment 04/2019 Alexander Schicke Systematische Studien zur Suche nach Photonen mit Energien unterhalb von 10^18 eV
Theory 01/2019 Daniel Busch Theoretische Vorhersagen zur Event-Shape-Variable Angularities
Experiment 11/2018 Sonja Timmermann Studien zu Qualitätsparametern der neuen Oberflächendetektorelektronik des Pierre-Auger-Observatoriums
Experiment 08/2018 Daniel Kurz Temperatureichung eines Testaufbaus für den zukünftigen ATLAS-Pixel-Detektor
Theory 04/2018 Jens Borgemeister Quantenmechanische Symmetriebrechung
Theory 03/2018 Sven Münker Nichtrelativistische Bindungszustände in der Dirac-Theorie und der Quantenelektrodynamik
Theory 03/2018 Sebastian Edelmann Gluon-Streuamplituden im Spinor-Helizitätsformalismus
Experiment 01/2018 Silas Rodekamp Identifikation von Wolken im Sichtfeld der Fluoreszendetektoren des Pierre-Auger-Observatoriums
Theory 01/2018 Kai Oliver Lüttgen Zur Dirac-Gleichung des freien Elektrons: Aspekte der Darstellungs- und Distributionstheorie