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Costantino Budroni

Costantino Budroni Postdoc

Room: B-106

Phone: +49 271 740 3774

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Rafael Chaves, Costantino Budroni
Entropic nonsignalling correlations

We introduce the concept of entropic nonsignalling correlations, i.e., entropies arising from probabilistic theories that are compatible with the fact that we cannot transmit information instantaneously. We characterize and show the relevance of these entropic correlations in a variety of different scenarios, ranging from typical Bell experiments to more refined descriptions such as bilocality and information causality. In particular, we apply the framework to derive the first entropic inequality testing genuine tripartite nonlocality in quantum systems of arbitrary dimension and also prove the first known monogamy relation for entropic Bell inequalities. Further, within the context of complex Bell networks, we show that entropic nonlocal correlations can be activated.


Mariami Gachechiladze, Costantino Budroni, and Otfried Gühne
Extreme Violation of Local Realism in Quantum Hypergraph States
Phys. Rev. Lett. 116, 070401 (2016), arXiv:1507.03570

Roope Uola, Costantino Budroni, Otfried Gühne, and Juha-Pekka Pellonpää
One-to-One Mapping between Steering and Joint Measurability Problems
Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 230402 (2015), arXiv:1507.08633

C. Budroni, G. Vitagliano, G. Colangelo, R. J. Sewell, O. Gühne, G. Tóth, and M. W. Mitchell
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Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 200403 (2015), arXiv:1503.08433

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C. Budroni and C. Emary
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Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 078901 (2013), arXiv:1302.0617

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AIP Conf. Proc 1508, 265 (2012), arXiv:

M. Kleinmann, C. Budroni, J.A. Larsson, O. Guehne, A. Cabello
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C. Budroni and A. Cabello
Bell inequalities from variable elimination methods
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C. Budroni and G. Morchio
Bell inequalities as constraints on unmeasurable correlations
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C. Budroni and G. Morchio
The extension problem for partial Boolean structures in quantum mechanics
J. Math. Phys. 51, 122205 (2010), arXiv:1010.4662

Book contributions

C. Budroni
Temporal Quantum Correlations and Hidden Variable Models
In: Springer Theses Series (2016)